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Before cutting any wood, I work on the design of the graphics. The whole machine should be built around one consistent theme, and all the graphics should reflect that theme, including the control panel art, the marquee, the side art, and even the computer desktop screen and boot screen.

I start with this standard control panel template. It is based on the layout of another Knievel-inspired machine built by Stoli, who sent me his original Photoshop file. (You can see Stoli's machine here.) You can download my version of the Photoshop file here. Every aspect of the design is on a different layer in the Photoshop file, so it is really easy to customize to your own needs. If you want to use the same layout, you can simply change the graphic on the layer called "generic image." I also made a Photosophop PDF file, which can be opened in Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop (it preserves the layers, which you will see if you open the file in Photoshop.) You can download the PDF file here.

Bill's Wild West Arcade - CPO Template.jpg
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